Models Of Diversity Shows Fashion Is For All

Models Of Diversity, the campaign to change the face of fashion and diversity within the media industry’s put on a show like no other in Londons trendy Spitalfields market. A perfect location full of local craft, stores and people who love fashion.

The aim of the show and the campaign is to show the public that fashion is infact for all. That everyone should be represented and can relate with the models. We should all be able to see a model that we can relate to. With mainstream fashion this isn’t the case. However CEO Angel Sinclair is on a mission to change that.

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the make up artists, I have worked on many projects with MOD, they are a great team to work with and I am fully supportive of the message that they are spreading.

We had 3 shows to get the models resdy for, the first starting at 6.45pm. We opted for a bold lip and flawless base, which is on trend for your autumn/winter staple look this season.

Photographer James Alexander Lyons filmed the hustle and bustle of the backstage preparations of the show.

I was also shadowed by a lovely girl with cerebral palsy, she was given the opportunity by Angel to come and see what it’s like getting ready for a fashion show.

She has a keen eye for fashion and loves make up so I spoke her through each step of the make up I did and then to make her feel extra special I gave her a makeover also. It’s great to make time for people as this experience made her day and also mine.

Downstairs we had the dressing area where all the models were styled by Michelle Navarro from FIFY (FASHION IS FOR YOU). Michelle has worked on many shows and Photoshoot’s for Models Of Diversity.

The models were showcasing clothing from Retailers from Spitalfields market fashion retailers including,

boutique, The Mercantile London. Vintage style jackets from Gonslaves and Hall, also the latest trends from Gandys, Jigsaw, Lululemon, Colectif and Rag and Bone.

Michelle loved the selection of clothing to work with and also the diversity in the choice of models that were cast for the show. When I caught up with Michelle after the show she spoke of her delight to work with a diverse array of models “Its such a joy to see the diverse range of models arriving, various ages,ethnic backgrounds and abilities”

Image James Alexander Lyons

Michelle continued with her views about diversity

” As a designer, stylist/ show coordinator I see first-hand the lack of disabled, ethnic and age discrimination that takes place within the fashion industry, this is something I feel very strongly about.

The fact that MOD is representing people from backgrounds, MOD is clearly paving the way and are pioneers in making changes with the industry, fashion is for all and that’s the message im so passionate about so much, Model’s Of Diversity get my full support”

One model Chiara Bordi was flown over from Italy specially for the show, as an amputee she is breaking the boundaries down of the stereotypical model we are used to seeing at shows such as London Fashion

Week. As a new face to the industry I see her sending waves through the fashion industry.

Image by James Alexander Lyons

Once all models are dressed and preened to perfection it’s time to show London what diversity really looks like!

With music supplied live by Hoxton radio the models take to the catwalk showcasing different looks on different body types, skin tones, ages and abilities and it’s refreshing to see.

The crowd really enjoyed what they saw, the crowd being the consumer who will go and buy those clothes because more then likely for once they have witnessed a model on the catwalk they can actually relate to which is a refreshing change.

Image James Alexander Lyons

Image James Alexander Lyons

During show breaks Models Of Diversity presenter Emily Blake interviewed members of the public who watched the show and the models who took part all filmed by James.

The show was a huge success and I am proud to say that I have been involved in change, a change that with more of the publics support we as a whole could help change the face of fashion.