Dear Dior

Dear Dior,

I love branded products as much as the rest of the women of the world. I am not rich by any standard, but when I buy a branded product such as the ones you supply, it is a special occasion, a special event in my life. I love to be able to treat myself, and of course, I want to believe that the more expensive products do a better job than something cheap from the local pharmacy.

I have been reading that you have a 25-year-old top model – Cara Delevingne is the person you have chosen to sell your anti-ageing products, and quite frankly I don’t understand!

Either one of two things is going on.

Your products do not work at all, so you felt that it was only natural to use a much younger model than the product is aimed at! After all, it would make us all ‘believe’ the product worked (if we didn’t know she was only 25!)

You do not understand who your market is? 

So, if it is option one – then why would I buy your product? If you do not have faith in your own product, then why should I?

However, if it is Option two, you are really missing the mark… and maybe you need to look at what your marketing department is doing! They might need some retraining for their roles on how to market a product to the right age group.

I understand that you would want to hire someone who is good looking, but REALLY?!

I have done it myself – having worked in hospitality for 30+ years, I have hired staff because they are good looking because they are representing the business. I would be lying if I said I didn’t.  But I also took into account other factors, such as would they represent the business in the right light, could they actually do the job (after all, no point in hiring someone who is good looking, just to find they cannot perform the job).

When I was 25-years-old, I didn’t consider using anti ageing products – after all, I thought I was going to live forever. I could stay up all night partying, and still look ok for work the next day. That is what being young is about!

Now, however, I am 48-years-old. If I don’t get a full nights sleep I spend the next day with bags under my eyes, wrinkles more pronounced and generally looking like an old woman!

I read you are targeting the 30+ age group for your anti-aging products (it is probably too late for me at 48), so why not hire are person who is in the 30’s, who actually needs to use the product?

I am sure Cara is a lovely person… but maybe she should be marketing the product ranges you have for younger women!

So Dior – which one is it? Does your product not work, or is your marketing department in need of some training?

Mags xx