Double Amputee’s Hilarious Tinder Bio Is Pure Genius

A double amputee has been inundated with suitors on Tinder after posting a witty bio mocking her own disability.

Mandy Horvath joined the dating website two months ago after hopelessly searching for her perfect match.

The 24-year-old, who lost both her legs three years ago after being involved in a train accident, decided to showcase her dark sense of humour.

Referring to herself as a ‘stand-up comedian,’ and stating that she’ll ‘never run away’ when things get tough, Mandy has bagged herself dozens of dates.

Since her accident she has been determined not let her disability take over her life and enjoys reading the hilarious jokes her Tinder matches send.

Despite not yet meeting the man of her dreams, Mandy feels she’s one step closer thanks to the dating phone app.

Mandy, who lives in Colorado, United States, said: “Since my accident happened, humour has been the driving force and it has made my recovery a lot easier.

“My sense of humour in my Tinder bio  is so funny, the jokes people send back have me in fits of laughter.

“People tend to love how open I am and it’s definitely helped secure a few dates.

“I was hit by an passing train in 2014 after a night out with friends and lost both my legs above the knee.

“It was so traumatic losing my legs but I’ve coped by joking about being legless every day, so it was only right to do so on my dating profile to connect with people in my own way.”

After watching an inspirational YouTube video about dating as a disabled woman, Mandy decided to set up a profile on popular dating app, Tinder.

Despite spending years after her accident avoiding dating, due to being too nervous and self-conscious, Mandy’s confidence has grown since setting up her profile. 

Mandy added: “When I tried to date after I lost my legs I would always get guys asking me ‘how does sex work for you’, and it completely put me off dating.

“I was completely alienated from any sort of romantic opportunity due to my own lack of insight.

“But now that I’ve broken the ice and sexualised my disability with my humour, I am acknowledged as an individual rather than someone bound to a wheelchair.

“The reactions I get to my profile are hilarious, supportive and kind.

“Generally people respond in shock and awe, as well as humour and interest in how I was hit by a train.

“My favourite part of my profile is my title of ‘stand up comedian’ – even though most people genuinely ask me where they can come and see me perform and don’t realise it’s a joke.”

However, despite using the app over the past two months, Mandy is yet to have found love.

Mandy added: “I have dated guys from Tinder before, but it has never blossomed into anything romantic as of yet.

“The people that I’ve met have been great, and I’ve made a lot of new friends who I keep in contact with also.

“But thanks to my sense of humour on the subject, and some of the lovely comments I have received, I haven’t lost all faith yet!”

Mandy’s Tinder profile reads:

Occupation: Stand Up Comedian

Disclaimer: I don’t have legs, but don’t worry – I’m taking it in stride. Just roll with it okay?

My life was a train wreck (literally hit by a f*cking train), here’s some awesome benefits from it:
I’ll never run away from you
Front row parking
Technically I can still doggy paddle, I even have sexy land roving bionic legs
I have similar functionalities to a vacuum, easily portable – I come on wheels and I suck
It’s not uncomfortable for my feet to be above my head
Face: 10/10
Body: 8/10
Legs: 0.5/2
My Anthem: She Ain’t Got No Legs – Bloodhound Gang