Paul Hollywood Responds To Prue Leith’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ Blunder

Paul Hollywood has shared his reaction to Prue Leith’s infamous ‘Great British Bake Off’ gaffe, after she inadvertently revealed the winner of this year’s series 10 hours before the final aired.

Earlier this week, Prue made headlines when she prematurely congratulated this year’s eventual winner Sophie Faldo on her Twitter page, due to a time difference-related mix-up.

She later told the Press Assocation: “I’m in too much of a state to talk about it. I fucked up.”

Her fellow judge Paul Hollywood has now admitted he was “horrified” to see Prue spoil the result, during an interview on spin-off show ‘Extra Slice’.

Speaking to presenter Jo Brand, Paul remarked: “What can I say? I was horrified! But at the same time, she made a mistake.”

Jo also made light of the incident during the show, commenting that Prue couldn’t be there in the studio because she was “busy deleting her Twitter account”.

Fortunately for Prue, it seems Channel 4 wasn’t too upset with her over the blunder, as it’s been confirmed that she’ll be back for a second series in 2018, as will new presenters Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig.

After much discussion about how well ‘Bake Off’ would fare away from the BBC, Channel 4’s first series of the hit reality show wound up being a rousing success, with the final pulling in 8.9 million viewers, the highest ratings ever for this year’s series.

New reigning champion Sophie has now expressed interest in making a career in cooking full-time, admitting: “It would be wonderful to write a patisserie book but let’s see what comes my way.”