Don’t Think Your Mumbod Is Imperfect Just Because You Have Caesarean Scars, Massive Areolae Or Sagging Breasts

I started my blog as a platform to share the “real life” aspect of motherhood. Not all of these beautifully edited and glorified photos of this perfect image (which I can tell you now does not exist). You get the breastfeeding, mum-bun hair and lack of sleep horror stories.

Now I’m sure there will be the typical, “oh my god I can’t believe she put that picture online… her boobs are showing and sagging, and her stomach is showing”. And of course my own mother’s constant concern for the fact my boobs are on the internet… again. But you know what I have finally realised?

I am okay with this.

I am 10 months postpartum from carrying fraternal twins, with one precious pregnancy under my belt prior to this, so what do people expect? Sure there are the mothers who look amazing, like they totally did not just carry and birth a baby out their hoo-har, (lucky them) but that is NOT the norm, so please don’t be fooled into thinking you scored a bad deal by being left with saggy skin, caesarean scars, massive areolae or sagging breasts.

Your body changes – hell I grew two babies at the same time and safely brought them into this world. My breasts have grown from an E cup to a J cup (I didn’t even know they went that big FYI – they do and it’s like carrying around boulders … cue shoulder and back pain). I have severe diastasis recti (muscle separation) and two umbilical hernias all from carrying the twins… and don’t even get me started on the skin overhang from being stretched so much. I will need surgery to get the hernias and muscle separation repaired, I will also get the extra skin removed and a breast lift and reduction (I would love to be able to go to Kmart and buy just a normal cheap bra, not one of these hundred dollar a pop expensive boulder holders that make me look like someone’s grandmother). Say hello “Mummy Makeover”.

But ladies this is it… as raw and real as it gets. I birthed my eldest daughter at just 18 years old, naturally with no pain relief. I ended up bottle feeding after only three months of an attempt at breastfeeding, due to lack of support and misinformation. I then had an emergency caesarean with my twins and am 10 months into breastfeeding and loving every moment. But do not get me wrong, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. We had to cope with them being six weeks early and on nasal gastric tubes, bottle top ups and expressing around the clock to help establish supply. But I got there. What is it they say that nothing good comes easy? Well it is true. My twins have gained constant nutrition and grown into chubby little cuties. Purely from what my body has produced.

I have learned to just relax about my new body for now and soak up their love. Embrace your mumbod … then later you can embrace and rock the new you or plan to change it – fitness, surgery…whatever works for you! The surgery for me is more of a practicality but I won’t lie in saying I can’t wait to be able to rock a bikini again and have my body back.

So don’t beat yourself up, eat well and exercise regularly, soak up some sun, take your vitamins and most of all love your babies! They are only small for such a short time so try to embrace the new you, this beautiful body of yours created life. Be thankful for every special day you have post pregnancy and most of all enjoy this special time. You can worry about your body later.

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