DIY Christmas: Snow Globe Jumpers And Other Curiosities Trending On Pinterest

According to Pinterest, holiday style searches are up by 200% this year, with Pinners starting to find inspiration for Christmas garb. 

Leading the pack is the charmingly tacky DIY snow globe Christmas jumper, an idea that as caught on in the Pinterest community. 

Whether individuals prefer to use a fish bowl or left-over packaging, some have gone the extra mile to ensure their jumpers are as original as can be. 

You can allow your creativity to flourish with this one. 

The common denominator seems to be snow, evidence Pinners do indeed dream of a white Christmas.  

But if your DIY skills aren’t quite at that level, you could always try your hand at attempting these bow shows. 

We’re thinking ballet pumps, a bag of the pound shop’s greatest bows and some heavy duty glue and you’re good to go.