A DIY ‘Lidl Mermaid’ Costume Exists And Twitter Is Loving It

A woman has floored Twitter with her take on a ‘Little Mermaid’ Halloween costume.

For a costume that cost £1.25 to make, Lara Campbell put together an outfit consisting of a shell-like bra and fishtail made out of Lidl bags and a red haired wig – calling herself the ‘Lidl Mermaid’.

“A girl in my work was talking about puns,” Campbell told Metro, “and mentioned the Lidl mermaid and I thought it would be a good idea to try and dress up as it.”

The post was well-received on social media, with over 1,400 likes on Instagram and 6,400 shares on Twitter.

Even Geordie Shore star Scotty T felt compelled to share the look with his 1.82 million followers.

It seems 2017 is the gift that keeps giving with original Halloween costumes.