Round Of A-Paws For These 30 Dogs Who Nailed Halloween

When it comes to fancy dress, our four-legged friends have seriously outdone themselves this year.

Don’t believe us? Here are 30 woofers who showed humans everywhere how it’s done:

1. Harry Pawter

2. The Unicorg

3. The Mummy

4. OctoDog

5. A Mutt-ini

6. Woofin’ Witch

7. Fierce Dragon 

8. Dinosaur Hug

9. Terrifying Pancake

10. Wolf In Disguise

11. Bottle Of Coke 

12. Devil Doggo

13. Pizza Pup

14. Chick Magnet

15. French Fries

16. Beanie Baby

17. The Handmutt’s Tail

18. Hungry Taco 

19. Takeaway Coffee

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20. Angel Face

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21. Dorothy And The Lion

22. Ghost Puppers

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23. Lil Lobster

24. Medic Mutt

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25. Halloweiner

26. Ghostbusters

27. Pupeye

28. Bat Woof

29. BBK9

30. The Three Bears Woofs

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