Scientists Want To Pay You £13,000 To Lie In Bed All Day

Scientists are currently looking for 24 fit and healthy individuals to lie in bed all day – and they’re willing to pay you a fair amount to do it.

Researchers at the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology in France are now recruiting for people willing to spend 60 days lying on their backs. 

It’s all part of an experiment investigating the impact different foods can have on our experience of space conditions, such as weightlessness.

Those taken on for the job will be paid a whopping £13,000 for their troubles, but sorry ladies, the research team are currently only looking to conduct the experiment with men.

To qualify for the job, men have to be healthy and aged between 20-45, with a BMI of between 22 and 27.

The researchers are looking for men who don’t smoke and have no allergies.

According to the press release, the volunteers will be required to ingest an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ‘cocktail’ consisting of a mixture of natural polyphenol extracts from edible plants, several times a day.

To asses the effects of this dietary supplement, half of the group will be taking the cocktail while the other half, also in the bedrest position, will not be.

The participants will be required to lie down with at least one shoulder still on the bed the entire time. They can turn, but never sit up straight.

Apparently, this long term horizontal position tricks the body into experiencing some of the sensations felt while in space.

The chosen men will have to perform all bodily functions in bed, including washing and using the toilet via a bedpan.

In other words, the role may not be as dreamy as it first sounds. 

But with Business Insider reporting that the salary is £13,000 for what is essentially a really long duvet day, we think there will still be plenty of applicants. 

You can apply to take part in the project, here

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