Prue Leith’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ Winner Blunder: 10 Questions We Still Need Answers To

Ever since Prue Leith accidentally revealed the winner of tonight’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ final a whole 12 hours before we were all meant to find out, we’ve been asking ourselves how the heck it actually managed to happen.

Poor Prue has already said she’s in “too much of a state” to even talk about her social media faux pas, blaming the whole sorry business on the time difference between the UK and Bhutan, where she’s currently staying.

Just like that ‘La La Land’ fiasco at this year’s Oscars, we have soooo many questions as to how – and why – it happened in the first place.

1. Firstly, does Prue really do her own social?

Or is she heroically taking the heat for some poor work experience lackey?

2. How did she get the time so, so wrong?

She’s in Bhutan, which is six hours ahead of the UK. The tweet in question was sent at 10.40 on Tuesday morning, which would have made it 4.40pm in Bhutan. Considering we won’t officially know who wins this year’s ‘Bake Off’ until around 9pm tonight, Prue really got her timings mixed up, which as a cook, is a fairly essential skill.

3. Why is she in Bhutan anyway?


4. Did she deliberately sabotage the ‘Bake Off’ final in a bid to boost her profile?*

Paul Hollywood currently has 683K Twitter followers and Prue has 10K. DO THE MATHS. (*No, of course she didn’t)

5. How relieved is Noel Fielding feeling right now?

If anyone was going to fudge up this royally, our money would’ve been on Noel. Sorry, Noel.

6. How are the Channel 4 bosses feeling right now?

When HuffPost UK joined Prue, Paul, Sandi and Noel at the ‘Bake Off’ launch earlier this year, at one point Prue started talking about the final, which had already been filmed.

Also in attendance was Channel 4’s then Chief Creative Officer, Jay Hunt, who was – how do we put this? – looking very uncomfortable indeed, before host Richard Bacon stopped Prue in her tracks in case she did the unthinkable. Oh how we laughed.

7. Who will play Prue in the inevitable Channel 5 TV movie of the incident?

Our money’s on Meryl Streep.

8. Will Prue be back for the next series?

Well, she is effectively still on probation.

9. Does Mary Berry have access to her Twitter password?

Surely not?

10. Is the whole thing an elaborate ruse?

Well, we’ll only properly, officially know who has actually won this year’s ‘Bake Off’ around 9pm tonight. Maybe Prue will have the last laugh after all?

‘The Great British Bake Off’ final airs on Channel 4 at 8pm tonight (31 October).