‘Take Me Out’: Paddy McGuinness Shares An Update On When We Can Expect An LGBT+ Episode

Paddy McGuinness has insisted that he’s spoken to ITV bosses about making an LGBT+ ‘Take Me Out’ special, following calls from fans.

The presenter spoke to HuffPost UK on the red carpet at the Pride Of Britain Awards, explaining that the producers do listen to viewers’ suggestions.

“What used to happen with ‘Take Me Out’, everyone would say, ‘Do an OAP version’,” he said. “So we did one and we’re doing another one this year.

“And then they said ‘why don’t you reverse the roles?’, so we’re doing that this year. And now everyone is saying why don’t you do a gay and lesbian one, so I said, ‘right, okay’.

“When people ask I always put it into the channel, so fingers crossed we will do… hopefully next year, fingers crossed.”

“They know how I feel about things and when I tell them stuff… But I’m just a very small cog in the machine,” Paddy concluded.

The next series of ‘Take Me Out’ will begin in 2018, with the specials Paddy mentioned kicking things off.