You Can Now Burn A ‘Stranger Things’ Bleeding Nose Candle While Binge-Watching Netflix

‘Stranger Things’ fans can now keep the memory of their favourite Netflix series alive by pre-ordering a (somewhat weird) bleeding nose candle.

The large, white ceramic candle holder vaguely resembles everyone’s favourite psychokinetic gal Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. 

When you burn a red candle in the holder, the wax drips through her nostrils and creates a more sanitary version of a nosebleed. (Quick explainer for those who haven’t seen ‘Stranger Things’, every time Eleven uses her psychokinetic powers she gets a nosebleed.)

The candle is now available to pre-order from homeware and lifestyle retailer Firebox for £29.99. It is expected to be in stock on 14 Dec 2017, just in time for Christmas.

Sarah Kabunga, buyer at Firebox, said: “After a series of harrowing experiments in a shady forest laboratory, we have finally managed to make this decorative ornament bleed from the nose.

“We had also created The Barb Candle, but that one has… mysteriously disappeared.” (Ooh we see what she did there.)

Sarah added: “Firebox exists to give people a more exciting alternative to what is already out there in the homeware and lifestyle category. We’re all about creating new, exciting products that our customers won’t have seen elsewhere by working with like-minded, independent designers to bring our ideas to life.

This giant ornament comes with two red candles and there’s even a handy ‘nose picker’ tool in case Eleven gets a nostril blockage.