Bizarre ‘Flesby’ Concept Car Puts The Airbags On The Outside

As companies like Volvo are looking to create the next generation of safety features inside the car, one Japanese company is taking something of a different approach.

Car manufacturing firm Toyoda Gosei have created a car where the safety features are very definitely on the outside.

It’s called Flesby II and as you can see from the car’s quirky design, the airbags have been moved to the exterior of the vehicle.

According to Toyoda Gosei the green panels are made from a highly durable next generation rubber that can safely absorb impacts without damaging the vital components within the car and of course, the driver as well.

Each panel is independently controlled and can be moved allowing the car to adjust its protective armour to better prepare for an impact.

Now while you might not have heard of Toyoda Gosei, the chances of you interacting with something they’ve built are high. They make everything from the grills on the cars to new types of electric window.

Flesby II is very definitely for now just a concept car, however the company claims that the technology its developing could end up in some early production vehicles by the 2030s.