Smart Garage Company Locks Irate Customer Out Of His Own House After Bad Review

When a Mr R Martin posted a particularly aggressive review of Garadget’s smart garage system the likelihood was that he was just letting off some steam.

Unfortunately it appears as though that outburst reached the eyes of the company’s founder who, shall we say, took the comments to heart, and so cut the server connection effectively locking Mr Martin out of his own home.

The incident has, unsurprisingly got some attention from the internet as a perfect example of how not to handle a customer complaint.

The incident first started when Mr Martin, incensed at the functionality of Garadget’s app, left a particularly angry review on Amazon.

Garadget itself is a small device that wirelessly allows you to lock or unlock your garage door and remotely let people in.

Calling the product “junk” and then recommending that other customers “DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY” it was clear that Mr Martin wasn’t particularly happy with his purchase.

Garadget’s founder Denis Grisak saw the comment and replied to the comment saying:

“The abusive language here and in your negative Amazon review, submitted minutes after experiencing a technical difficulty, only demonstrates your poor impulse control. I’m happy to provide the technical support to customers on my Saturday night but I’m not going to tolerate any tantrums.”

While some might suggest that Mr Grisak was just expressing his frustrations at a knee-jerk review it was what he did next that meant he’d crossed the line.

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Mr Grisak then confirmed that he would be severing the connection between Martin’s gadget and the company’s servers, effectively locking him out of his house.

After receiving a considerable amount of negative feedback around his reaction Mr Grisak confirmed that he had restored the connection to the server.

Speaking to Mashable he also confirmed that despite severing the connection he hadn’t actually locked Mr Martin out of his home as the device was still in the early stages of being activated.

Ultimately he did admit that the whole experience had been a “a lesson that’s hard to ignore.” and that he would not be repeating this behaviour again.

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