This Woman’s Won The Most 2017 Halloween Costume Award For Her Take On The Infamous Dove Advert

All those competing for the title of the most on point Halloween costume of 2017 can stand down – we have a winner.

This woman poked fun at one of the most controversial and offensive advertising campaigns of this year – the infamous Dove advert that portrayed a black woman taking her t-shirt off and turning into a white woman.

And the best part is, all she needed was a couple of plain T-shirts and a printer. Who doesn’t love a bit of DIY satire?

Other costumes worthy of 2017 include a ‘distracted boyfriend’ costume that basically takes three individuals to make sense.

The idea was originally a meme also known as ‘girlfriend vs other girl’ or ‘man looking at other woman.’

But, of course, someone had the genius idea of making it into a Halloween costume – albeit one that practically involves a cast of actors.

I appreciate the attention to detail of getting the perspective right on this. This is no half ass meme effort
One Twitter user took it up a notch by wearing the photo of the meme instead of roping friends in to act it out with her for the entire duration of a party.
But if we’re talking original and topical costumes, the woman in the Trivago ad seen in what seems to be every London underground station has now become a costume. 
Yeah ya boy Trivago here, the media spend may have ended but I’m still reppin’ the brand, platform level
And last but by no means least, this ‘ghosting’ costume is so typically millennial that it hardly needs an explanation.

Journalist Alix Fox shared her Halloween costume with her Twitter followers saying: “An on-brand take on the classic bedsheet ghost for me this Halloween… I am… GHOSTING.”

One or two out there might know the feeling of waking up to find your paramour, well, not there.

An on-brand take on the classic bedsheet ghost for me this Halloween…I am…GHOSTING