Google Will ‘Drop Everything’ To Fix That Hamburger Emoji After Public Outcry, Says CEO

If you’re anything like us, your Monday to-do list would have included surviving that 9.30 meeting and deleting all the unread emails in your inbox.

But for Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, his top priority at the start of this new week will be an emergency redesign of the brand’s hamburger emoji.

This is after a Twitter outcry at the weekend, when a user noticed that the cheese slice had been placed underneath the beef patty. Our poor eyes. 

It was writer and publisher Thomas Baekdal who first drew our attention to the mess that is the Google hamburger.  

Not only did they include a tomato under the lettuce (everyone knows they are just a soggy-bun inducing disaster) but they also made the executive decision to put the cheese slice under the hamburger. 

Ensuring a soggy bottom as well as top.

And to think this horror show went through several rounds of approval.

In response Pichai has promised that Google will resolve their mistakes this week, but only if the internet can agree on the correct way to do this – which doesn’t hold much hope for actually getting this sorted anytime soon. 

According to Emojipedia – the definitive catalogue of all things emoji – the hamburger emoji was first approved as part of a Unicode 6.0 round in 2010 and subsequently added to Emoji 1.0 five years later in 2015.

Since then it has been up to each tech giant – Apple, Microsoft, Google, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook – to decide how they want to display the icon.

But Google it seems, weren’t to be trusted with such power.

After a quick browse around the definitive emoji catalogue, there is not one other design (out of the 13 out there on our devices) that thought the cheese below meat was acceptable.

And while we’re at it Pichai, can we possibly get the beer fixed too?