Police Halloween Crackdown On Motorcyclists Driving ‘Recklessly’ In London In Organised ‘Ride Out’ Events

Police are planning a crackdown on anti-social behaviour over the Halloween period carried out by “ruthless” motorcyclists in central London.

The operation comes after police attended “ride out” events for the past two years, which saw large numbers of motorcyclists gathered in several locations across the capital and rest of UK.

The Metropolitan Police Service said the drivers’ intent was to “cause disruption and anti-social behaviour”.

Such incidents include motorcyclists driving “recklessly”, on the wrong side of the road, through red lights and across pavements. Police said that many of the motorcycles used were stolen.

Police said that many of those taking part in the ride outs are linked to the group ‘UK Bike Life’.

<strong>Police have launched a Halloween crackdown on 'ruthless' and 'anti-social' motorcyclists following 'ride out' events from the previous past two years.</strong>

Superintendent Tania Coulson, spokesperson for the Met, said: “In the past, these groups have caused criminal damage to petrol stations and put themselves and members of the public at great risk by driving recklessly in large groups through the streets of London.

“We know that some people may see the event advertised and think they are joining like-minded enthusiasts on a lawful ride. This is not the case. They drive ruthlessly and carry out stunts on the road.

“Officers will be out across London throughout the Halloween period and will deploy a number of police tactics to prevent riders from driving dangerously.

“We intend to prevent disorder and crime caused by riders and we will be dealing robustly with offenders.

“Any groups or individuals who cause disruption will be arrested.”

This year’s crackdown comes after several arrests were made last year when more than 200 motorcyclists gathered for a Halloween “ride out” in Birmingham and Solihull.

During the incident, 100 masked bikers surrounded a police van in Yorkminster Drive in Chelmsley Wood and the fire service also reported that a group had attempted to stop them from responding to an emergency call.

Meanwhile in Leeds, a group of about 50 people on off-road motorcycles and quad bikes brought a busy road to a standstill.