‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Pat Phelan Actor Connor McIntyre Reveals What’s Next After Double Murder

Just when we thought Pat Phelan couldn’t possibly get any worse in ‘Coronation Street’, Friday’s (27 October) episode saw him orchestrate a double murder.

After forcing Andy Carver to shoot Vinny Ashford, Pat went back on his promise to free Andy and turned the gun on him too, before dumping both of their bodies into a lake.

Following the explosive scenes, Connor McIntyre – who plays Phelan – has revealed at what’s to come, hinting that his character will face justice.

When asked if the soap gods will get Phelan back, Connor said: “It must be so and we have just woken them up out of their slumber – ‘Hey, this needs sorting out.’

“But while we run up to that, whenever that is, Pat Phelan is now a very dangerous person. Now he’s crossed the rubicon whereas before he would go to great lengths, for example the cellar, complicating things.

“The journey towards his comeuppance will be very lively I’m sure, because now he has a direct root to solving problems.”

The coming weeks will see a handful of characters, including Anna Windass, become more and more suspicious of Phelan, but viewers will have to wait and see whether he gets found out.

The plot is one of a number of storylines that will keep viewers enthralled in the run-up to Christmas and there’s even been suggestions that Phelan could kill again.

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