Adorable Boy Begs His Mum To Come Home From The Hospital When She’s About To Give Birth

Any parent who has had to explain to their children they’re about to become an older sibling will know the feeling of having to divide your time and attention between your kids.

So spare a thought for this mum who had to explain to her concerned son why she can’t go home with him just yet – because she is about to give birth via Caesarean.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, four-year-old Bryce Wilson, is seen trying to convince his mum, Glow, to come home from hospital.

Sitting by her bed, he says repeatedly: “We need you. We need our mama.”

The mother-of-six explains that she needs to stay on the maternity ward a little bit longer so Bryce’s younger sister can be delivered, but he isn’t satisfied.

“We need you to stay alive and we don’t want nothing to happen to you,” he said.

The mum, who gave birth to her 7lbs 2oz daughter, Dream Cyrai Wilson, on 9 June, explains again that she will come home straight after “they take her out”.

Not only that but she also offers Bryce a temporary solution – his four siblings and dad who are waiting patiently at home.

Bryce simply responds: “I don’t need no brothers. And no dad. I need you.”

And it seems it wasn’t the last time that Bryce has had a problem with going into hospital, as his mum has shared a hilarious photograph of him practicing yoga (which he calls ‘yoghurt’) in the hospital car park during an antenatal appointment.

She said: “We were at a doctors appointment for me, while I was pregnant with baby Dream, and I was driving him crazy. So he went over and did this!