Daily Mail Call To Find Out About ‘Anti-Brexit Bias’ At Universities Spectacularly Backfires

The Daily Mail’s inbox for collecting stories of “anti-Brexit bias” at UK universities is being inundated with messages, if people on Twitter are to be believed – just not the type they had hoped for.

Yesterday, the tabloid launched a front-page attack on “Remainer universities” – just days after Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris, a staunch Brexiteer, wrote to all UK vice-chancellors asking for the names of academics teaching about Brexit.

The right-wing publication suggested pro-EU lecturers are leaving students afraid to speak their minds on campus, and claimed professors have been caught “doling out pro-EU pamphlets” and inviting students to Open Britain meetings.

The paper also encouraged readers to get in touch via a specific email address with their own experiences of so-called “anti-Brexit bias.”

Yesterday: “He is only asking for information”. Today: a full on witch hunt. pic.twitter.com/QNdTNkIGrv
Many were quick to condemn the coverage as a “witch hunt” – as they were with Heaton-Harris’ “chilling” letter – but they also spotted an opportunity too good to miss.
Please do let the Daily Mail know what you think about their witch hunt by emailing them at university@dailymail.co.uk https://t.co/r9iZgLYp36
I’m just scared they may miss the point and take me seriously… (1/2) pic.twitter.com/Ae4kPRjZoR
It would be dreadful if the mail was flooded with emails wouldn’t it? pic.twitter.com/4WbWQCFzDU
Brexit voters were among those who responded to the call-out to refute the Daily Mail’s claims, arguing that universities did in fact house a “broad range of ideas” to allow for “critical thinking”.
A professor even felt compelled to turn himself in and confess to his bias, while sarcastically complimenting the paper’s “commitment to the truth”.
Another creative way in which the email address was used was to sign it up to an eclectic mix of updates from the Labour party and a porn site.
i never knew it was possible to sign something up to so much gonzo porn in such a short space of time
So seriously, spare a thought for the person sifting through that mailbox today.