Madonna Blasted For ‘Disrespectful’ Photo Opp In Rio Favela

Madonna has been branded “tone deaf” after posing for a photo dressed in army fatigues in one of Rio’s favelas.

The singer was in the Brazilian capital for her manager Guy Oseary’s wedding, and took time out to visit the Morro da Providência shanty town during some down time.

In the pic, which she shared on Instagram, Madge can be seen posing in a camo outfit and designer shades whilst being flanked by two armed Brazilian policemen.

However, the 59-year-old star faced a backlash over the snap, with many criticising her for glamorising poverty and violence in the “disrespectful” and “embarrassing” photo.
not funny, not edgy. just embarrassing. that’s a war zone in which people die every day, not a tourist spot. you’re sending a bad message

October 26, 2017
Madonna is in Rio’s Providência favela today, pictured here with military police. The camo fatigues are an interesting choice. ?

October 25, 2017
@Madonna seems 2 b having fun in a Favela in Rio, where locals get shot & die every day. Glamorous and helpful for Rio #sqn

October 26, 2017
Weird thing to do. Have your photo taken with armed cops. Not very rock & roll.
Is this the cover to your new album called ‘Oblivious’?
TOTAL AND UTTER EMBARRASSMENT…….people dying by the thousands in there over the years, she’s looking for a fucking photo opp. DISGRACE.
Madonna visited a favela in Rio and wore an army getup. That won’t dispel any stereotypes…
As if you are there to make a raunchy music video. Very disrespectful. No surprise.
Hi! Fire your publicist if they told you this was a good idea
Whilst in the favela, Madonna also took a tour through the Casa Amarela, a centre that the street artist JR helped build in 2009 with local organisation The Cofondation.
The singer also shared snaps of her visiting an art studio shaped like a crescent Moon that was installed last year.