Question Time Audience Member Says BBC Is Biased Against Brexit Because It Gets ‘Less Intelligent’ To Speak For Leave

BBC’s Question Time returned to a common theme this week: whether the corporation is biased.

It faces the same accusation from Scottish nationalists, Conservatives and ‘Corbybnistas’. But this time it came from Jacob Rees-Mogg, one of the most vocal supporters of Brexit.

The Conservative MP rebuked the Beeb for what he argued was its fondness for pointing to good news with the “despite Brexit” caveat, joking even England winning a test match faced the same reservation.

It prompted one audience member to offer an allied theory. The young man said:

“With respect, I think the BBC have been biased against Brexit. I think that during the referendum campaign what you often did was you got someone very intelligent to speak on behalf of Remain, and you managed to get someone less intelligent to speak on behalf of Leave.”

It prompted a bout of laughter from fellow audience members before he added: “I personally believe … not you, Jacob!”

In response, author Germaine Greer wondered why the Bank of England governor Mark Carney – who has warned of the economic damage that could be wrought by quitting the EU – had to be recruited from Canada.

“Why didn’t you get the job?,” she asked Rees-Mogg to laughter. “As the gentleman at the back said, I’m not intelligent enough,” replied Rees-Mogg.