Mince Pie Croissants Are Here To Make All Your Pastry Dreams Come True

From cronuts (croissant doughnuts) to avolattes (avocado lattes), we thought we’d seen all the world had to offer in terms of food hybrids.

But oh, how wrong we were. 

Bakery and patisserie PAUL has launched a mince pie-filled croissant and it looks nothing short of beautiful. 

The treat combines all the best elements from the two pastry products.

The all-butter croissant is filled with rich, sweet mincemeat and dusted with
icing sugar, making it the perfect brunch treat. 

Better still, each individual croissant retails at just £1.75. 

The product is part of the PAUL Christmas Selection, which will be available online from 31 October and in all PAUL shops across the UK from 28 November.

We’ll be stockpiling these until the New Year.