Pink Expertly Schools Us In What To Do If You’re ‘Parent Shamed’ After Husband Is Criticised For Video Of Son

Since she’s become a mum, Pink has received a slew of mum-shaming comments, and now that has extended to her husband being dad shamed.

The mum-of-two, 38, has previously been criticised for cooking with her kids . Prior to that, she was shamed for posting a photo of her daughter riding a motorbike with her husband Carey Hart (an actual motorcross rider).

Pink has attempted to drown out the haters, hitting back at the latter shaming by writing: “If any of you have more experience on a bike than my husband, then I will listen to your opinions on how he should take my daughter for a ride”.

So does Pink let the comments make her question her parenting abilities?

No, of course she does not – she and Hart carry on parenting their kids, their way. And that includes son Jameson having a “skate session”.

Hart, posted a video of their 10-month-old sitting on a skateboard and being rolled towards the camera on Tuesday 24 October.

And sure enough the parent-shamers were quick to jump on Hart, too.

“He should be wearing a helmet, this is so dangerous,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Wow, that is unsafe. No helmet?”

Others asked the haters to “pipe down”, with one writing: “He is rolling about a metre and has an adult on either side. Of course if he was about to wobble they would try and catch him. This is silly.”

Another wrote: “Ha, ignore the haters – you guys are on hand if he looked like he was going to fall.”

Lesson learned? Ignore the shamers – parent your way.