Former ‘Blue Peter’ Presenter Katy Hill Sparks Twitter Debate About Children In Restaurants

Former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter, Katy Hill, took to Twitter to complain about an “older couple” who disliked kids in restaurants.

The 46-year-old mum, who has two children aged nine and 10, was eating out at Pizza Express with her family, during half term.

“Dear ‘older couple’ in Pizza Express – you dislike children in restaurants? I dislike miserable older people who choose family restaurants,” she tweeted on 24 October. 

Hill did not go into detail about what the couple had said to her or her children.
Dear “Older Couple” in Pizza Express – You dislike children in restaurants? I dislike miserable older people who choose FAMILY restaurants!
Some people agreed with Hill that Pizza Express is a family restaurant and customers should expect to be dining among children.
Who on earth would go to Pizza Express at half term if you don’t want a restaurant full of kids!? ?
Totally agree Gemma! Kids are part of society too! They’re just not conformist like miserable older people. X
Why on earth are they in PE?! Everyone knows it’s always full of kids. They’d better never eat out in Italy either
However other disagreed, arguing that children shouldn’t be “running amok” while dining out.
If parents taught their children to behave in restaurants and other public places older people wouldn’t moan.
As a parent as long as children are seated and not running amok. I don’t have an issue. I have seen some shocking parenting in public before
@KatyHillTV Pizza Express is family friendly, not a family restaurant. If your kids cannot behave well, you should try Pizza Hut instead.
“Kids were all perfect,” she wrote. “Some people just don’t like kids. Don’t go to Pizza Express in half term. Simples.

“You [are] clearly ignorantly assuming all kids behave badly. They don’t. Enough with the judgements and pre-conceptions on families.”

No. Kids were all perfect. Some people just don’t like kids! DONT GO TO PIZZA EXPRESS IN HALF TERM! Simples! Hope I never get old + bitter

October 24, 2017
And you, like them, clearly ignorantly assuming all kids behave badly! They don’t! Enough with the judgements & pre-conceptions on families!

October 26, 2017
What do you think? Should diners assume they will be among children when eating at family-friendly restaurants in half term? Leave us a comment below.