Halloween 2017: This Woman Recreates Iconic Characters Using Only Makeup, A Hijab And Creative Flair

Makeup artist Saraswati is known for creating enchanting cosplay looks in modest fashion, and just in time for Halloween she has turned her hand to experimenting Pennywise the Clown looks.

In honour of the new ‘It’ movie, the hijab-wearing makeup guru has created her version of the garishly terrifying monster.

More recently Saraswati who is also known as Queen Of Luna created another look inspired by the clown of your worst nightmares’ family tree.

Check out this version, which she captioned ‘Pennywise’s stepmum ? .’

Saraswati’s work first made headlines when her Disney-inspired makeup looks went viral. 
People were inspired by her talent for using her hijab to represent hair and other features, as well as her doppelgänger-ability with makeup. 
Check out some of our favourite looks by Saraswati.