Husband’s Comics With Wife Capture The Many Quirks Of Married Life

After eight years together, artist Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya have been through ups, downs and everything in between. 

Their relationship has provided plenty of fodder for Yehuda’s illustration series “One of Those Days,” which chronicles the couple’s daily life in the form of relatable comics. 

Yehuda and Maya began dating in 2010 and married in 2016.

The artist, who is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, told HuffPost that he and Maya often collaborate on the series. She helps him come up with the concept, build the composition and choose colors. Then Yehuda executes the actual illustrations. 

“Maya is a very talented artist as well,” he told HuffPost. “Better than me I think. But she’ll be angry that I said it.”

The &ldquo;One of Those Days&rdquo; series captures the couple&rsquo;s everyday life. The inspiration behind this illustration? Maya&rsquo;s&nbsp;<a href="" data-beacon="{&quot;p&quot;:{&quot;lnid&quot;:&quot;&ldquo;Game of Thrones&rdquo;&quot;,&quot;mpid&quot;:6,&quot;plid&quot;:&quot;;}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">&ldquo;Game of Thrones&rdquo;</a>&nbsp;obsession.&nbsp;

All of the illustrations in the series are based on real moments and experiences the couple has shared, with some exaggerations for artistic effect. 

“We don’t illustrate moments that didn’t happen to us because otherwise it would harm the authenticity of the story,” Yehuda told HuffPost. 

All of the illustrations are based on the couple&rsquo;s real-life&nbsp;banter.&ldquo;We had a fight.&rdquo;&nbsp;

The Devirs first met in the army and became close friends before eventually beginning a romantic relationship. 

“What made our relationship work very well from the beginning was the fact that we were very good friends before,” Yehuda said. “We highly respect each other and accept both the good and the bad things of each other.”

The Devirs, pictured above, want to thank all of their followers for their support. &ldquo;The best part of this job is making people happy,&rdquo; Yehuda said.

He added, “All of our moments together ― the good and the bad ― is what makes our relationship special.”

Check out more of Yehuda’s comics below. To see even more of his work, visit his website or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.