Amanda Holden Asks Astronaut Tim Peake If He ‘Took A Piece Of The Moon’ When He Didn’t Go To The Moon, In Awkward ‘This Morning’ Clanger

We’re not sure what planet Amanda Holden is on, but she hasn’t quite got her head around what Tim Peake was up to during his recent stint in space.

The British Astronaut appeared on ‘This Morning’ on Thursday (26 October) to chat about life on the International Space Station, but Mandy seemed to think he’d taken a stroll on the surface of the moon whilst he was up there.

She asked Tim: “A question I would like to ask, and I don’t know whether you’d be allowed to answer it really because it might be a naughty thing, is when you went to the moon, did you take a piece of the moon and bring it back home with you?”

It’s been 45 years since an astronaut has set foot on the moon, but Tim handled the question with good grace, explaining that he hadn’t been to the moon but had done a space walk.

“So there was nothing floating about that you could steal?” Mandy added.

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October 26, 2017
During the interview, Tim revealed what the grossest thing about life in space was, and if you’re squeamish, you might want to look away now.
“We don’t use our feet, we don’t walk,” Tim explained. “All the dead skin on your feet just completely sheds off. After about a month and a half you have babies feet when you come back from space. But the dead skin sheds everywhere.”