The Apprentice’s Latest Fired Candidate Reveals The One Piece Of Information That Could Have Saved Them

As always, it’s a case of another week, another evictee on ‘The Apprentice’ and on Wednesday (25 October) night, it was finally time for the ladies’ team to lose a candidate.

After failing to make as much money as Michaela, Sarah and the boys’, project manager Siobhán Smith failed to defend herself adequately in the boardroom.

<strong>The teams assembled at Wembley&nbsp;</strong>

While Lord Alan Sugar made a pretty good case as he fired her, Siobhán has now revealed that there’s one pretty important thing that wasn’t made clear as the football-themed task took place.  

Speaking to HuffPost UK, she explained: “I didn’t know that you can’t take drinks into the stadium, that’s something nobody told me as I was buying the booze and ordering everything.

“So that would have been a big point to be honest with you.

“Yeah, I ordered a lot of wine but the events I do are on a buy back, whatever you don’t have, you can give back and get a refund on it.”

<strong>Siobh&aacute;n brought Elizabeth and Joanna back into the boardroom</strong>

The issue is something Siobhán also spoke about while filming ‘You’re Fired!’, the day before her final ‘The Apprentice’ episode aired.

Revealing what the show’s hosts said about the matter, she added: “It all became quite prevalent. The presenters said, ‘I think you took this as too much of a real-life situation, you weren’t playing the game and the boys were’.”

‘The Apprentice’ continues next Wednesday, with the candidates being sent on a special birthday treasure hunt for items relevant to Lord Sugar’s life. No, we can’t wait to see what they have to hunt down and purchase either.