‘Great British Bake Off’ 2017 Final: Who Is Most Likely To Win?

So this year’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ final three have been decided.

Kate Lyon, Stephen Carter-Bailey and Sophie Faldo will all battle it out for the coveted prize of ‘Bake Off’ champion 2017, not to mention the inevitable book deal, TV gig and increased bank balance.

But who stands the most chance of winning? Let’s take a look at the evidence…

Kate has been pretty patchy throughout the series, and she narrowly escaped being given the boot as early as episode two. Also, many viewers would probably have given the likes of Liam or Yan a place in the final over her (#justiceforliam became a thing during the semi-final).

However, despite her ups (caramel) and downs (biscuits, pastry) and being the least experienced of the finalists (she only started baking two years ago), she did make “the best cake” Prue had ever tasted with her showstopping sticky toffee apple caramel cake.

So she’s more than capable of blowing the judges away at the final hurdle, but will the heat in that tent all get a bit too much for the 29-year-old?

Steven Carter-Bailey: The Showstopper

Odds: 6/5

Early favourite Stephen has produced one showstopping bake after another, but needs to put the (ahem) edible into incredible in the final, as some of his creations haven’t passed the taste test with the judges (rubbery trifle terrine anyone? Thought not).

He might not be the bookie’s favourite, but he’s still clearly in with a very good chance of winning, having been crowned Star Baker three times this series, as well as receiving the highly-coveted HH (Hollywood Handshake).

No wonder his mum, who he credits with getting him into baking, said he was “already a winner” in episode one. Was it a premonition?

Sophie Faldo: The Dark Horse

Odds: 8/11

Sophie has been quietly getting on with the business of getting into the final, with a consistent stream of solid bakes. Her military background as an Army Officer and the fact she’s training to be a stuntwoman has served her well. She’s the very epitome of cool and collected.

However, even she admitted that things can get a bit much in that tent. “Walking into that tent first time is so much harder than training to be a stuntwoman,” she said at the start of the series. “There is just so much pressure baking in the tent.”

That said, Sophie has gone into the final as the bookie’s favourite and as Star Baker, which might prove to be a very good omen: Former winner Nadiya Hussain was in the same boat when she entered the final in 2015.

Who gets your vote? Let us know who you want to win in our exclusive poll below…