Robbie Williams Reveals ‘Very Worrying’ Test Results Led To A Stint In Intensive Care After Ill Health Forced Him To Cancel Tour Dates

Robbie Williams has revealed he was forced to cancel dates on his recent tour after “very worrying” test results led to him being hospitalised in an intensive care unit.

In September, the 43-year-old singer pulled out of three dates due to take place in Russia because he had become so ill.

In a video shared with fans on YouTube (above), the ‘Angels’ singer explains that he has been recovering from the unspecified illness for the last five weeks.

<strong>Robbie Williams</strong>

“I’ve been recovering from an illness now for the last five weeks,” he says.

“Unfortunately, that illness kicked in just at the end of my tour, a tour which was going so well.

“The audiences were incredible, I was okay, the band was amazing, I was a soldier and I needed to finish that tour and I needed to go to Moscow and I needed to go to St Petersburg and then I got some test results.”

He continues: “They were very worrying and I ended up in ICU, so I couldn’t go.

“I haven’t pulled out of a tour for bad health since 1998 so you know if I can’t do it then there’s something going on that I just can’t do it.”

Robbie also reveals that he has since been sticking to a healthy regime, but allows himself one cheat meal a week.

He continues: “Now I am vegan, I do pilates every day. I do yoga every day and have a really big burger on a Sunday. I have a cheat meal. But I’m looking after myself.

“I know I’m going to be better than ever.”

Robbie is set to resume his ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’ world tour in February next year, with dates in Australia and New Zealand.

Last month, Robbie said he feared that fame would eventually “kill” him, as he opened up about his mental health.

The singer has spoken openly about his struggles with depression and addiction in the past, and in an interview with The Times he explained how he believes living in the spotlight has been a major cause of his illness. 

He said: “This job is really bad for my health. It’s going to kill me. Unless I view it in a different way.”