‘Great British Bake Off’ Fans Accuse Judges Of Bending Rules To Ensure Steven’s Place In Final

‘Great British Bake Off’ fans got themselves all of a tizz during Tuesday (24 October) night’s semi final, accusing the show of bending the rules to keep Steven Carter-Bailey in the competition.

Some viewers were less than impressed when Paul Hollywood said he and Prue Leith would have to judge the bakers on their efforts in previous weeks, as the competition was too close to call.

The Channel 4 baking show usually sees the judge only use the contestant’s creations from that week to decide who will be going home.

But Paul explained on Tuesday’s episode: “Initially we have to have a look at this weekend closely and if that has still not drawn any obvious answers, it is so close, than yes you look back retrospectively on the whole series.

“It has only happened a couple of times.”

The judges’ final decision revealed Stacey Hart just missed out on a place in the final, much to the chagrin of some fans, many of whom claimed it was fixed for Steven to go through:
#GBBO, I don’t understand your rules. Liam improves week after week, gets the axe after a bad outing. Steven has a horrible outing, goes on.
Is it just me or did #GBBO change the rules this week? They are usually at pains to say that it is only about this week.
How the fuck did that guy go through!! His choux buns were raw, he came last in technical and then his showstopper was disaster! Fix! #GBBO
If they had done the same last wk Liam would have got through to this wk its unfair to change the rules! How did kate get through! #gbbo
Why did Stephen get through? Stacey was so much better. Paul couldn’t bear to send him home, but he was the worst this week. FIX #GBBO
#GBBO very convenient change in the rules – suddenly it’s let’s look back … to keep Steven’s weird meringue balloon fiasco afloat didn’t do that last week to keep Liam in!

October 24, 2017
Shocking, absolute garbage, Steven had a disaster week, and all of a sudden they change the rules and judge on previous weeks, this stinks! Absolute wrong decision, I bet Steven wins the whole thing now. #conspiracy #GBBO

October 24, 2017
#GBBO Every show stopper ‘Can only base it it on today’s performance’ Tonight: ‘Need to look back on past performances’ #fix
How can they not send home Steven but they can send home Liam/Julia for a bad week. Steven was the worst this week & still in!? #fix #GBBO
I agree Steven should be in the final, but changing the rules to keep him in because he had a bad week isn’t right. #GBBO
So let’s change the rules mid-stream: Liam out cuz it’s “all on the day”; Steven in cuz we’ll consider previous performances. #GBBO
Bake off can fuck off. Honestly fuck right off. Didn’t look back retrospectively until Stephen had a shit week. Utter fix. Piss off. #GBBO
Actually so pissed off at #GBBO Stephen should have gone he did badly on all three! That’s such a fix
I wish #GBBO would provide clear rules on elimination as it changes week to week #playfair #fix
Can’t help but feel they bent the rules today. But so so glad. #GBBO
Boo #GBBO fix or what for the final. Steven was worst all round so not sure being finalist is justified.
Could #GBBO be more Pro Steven? I like him and all, but seems like different rules!
While Stacey’s weekend in the tent was far from perfect, Steven came last in the technical challenge and had a disaster in the showstopper round when his chocolate basket melted and his meringues cracked.

However, he will battle it out to be crowned the winner of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ 2017 alongside Sophie Faldo and Kate Lyon in next week’s final.

‘Bake Off’ concludes next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.