How To Eat Healthy When Travelling For Business

When we travel for business, it’s not always all work and no play: there are the plush hotel rooms (complete with oh-so-snugly 300-thread count sheets), the constant, exciting, changes of scenery and the plethora of dining options, from eating out at exotic restaurants with clients every meal to trying new specialties at the popular local food truck for lunch.

Unfortunately, what’s good for our palate (and makes our Instagram feed the envy of everyone else’s), isn’t necessarily good for our health: hectic travel schedules, jet lag, frequent flying, grabbing food on the run and heavy multi-course restaurant meals can all be a recipe for disaster when we’re on a business trip.

It’s all too easy to overindulge, loading up on sugar and caffeine for a quick fix in the morning, drinking a few too many glasses of wine in the airport lounge to relax before a flight, and eating whatever’s in front of you, just cause it’s there – and you’re tired – on the plane.

Here are the expert tips to help you pick nutritious, feel-good foods on the go when you’re travelling on business… as well as advice on how to choose the healthiest options to keep you feeling energised, physically and mentally.