If we didn’t make mistakes we would never learn and grow. Forgiving yourself is loving yourself and is often the first step towards a more loving and positive relationship with yourself and with others. Forgiveness truly is the key to freedom with any issue in your life. Nothing anyone has ever done to you has permanent effects unless you hold on to it permanently. So forgive yourself and others for yesterday’s mistakes. Forgiveness is very healing and brings peace and love to your body and soul. The mind and body are not separate. What affects one affects the other. Learning how to heal the pain of the past and how to genuinely love and approve of yourself can be life transforming. There is enough love, joy, beauty and money on this planet for everyone! Just be consciously aware of it. People will say no to you, if you say no to yourself. When you undervalue who you are the world will undervalue who you are too. So don’t carry around guilt, anger, shame or regrets and release and forgive stored emotions and thoughts from your body so you can fly higher! The butterfly on my website is a symbol of this transformative process. Butterflies transform inside a chrysalis and are a symbol of beauty and change – as change is a constant part of life. Forgiving ourselves frees us up to move ahead – like a butterfly metamorphosis. Change gives butterflies wings to fly and it can do the same for you! Here are some of the techniques I use to help me forgive and keep the faith and watch what happens: Meditation helps release our hold on certain patterns of thought. Forgiveness and releasing resistance are probably the most important of all the processes because resistance to change stops the manifesting of our desires in their tracks. When we are relaxed Spending time in nature is very soothing and healing for the body, mind and spirit. Journaling – writing down any concerns so you can release them, forgive them and let them go! Cultivating compassion – forgive yourself of regret and grudges so you increase your confidence and love in your heart. Support groups and trauma counseling can help you gain deeper understanding and forgiveness. Send loving energy into your past – so you can let go of the past to attain healing and forgiveness. Learn from your mistakes but don’t hang on to them – so you can release any self-destructive emotions. All our judgements are a form of resistance and forgiving yourself is the first step to releasing that resistance. Your mind is yours to direct because your (subconscious) mind controls the results. Demand that your mind helps you. You get to choose your life through your imagination with visualisations, affirmations, gratitude and forgiveness. Place your hand over your heart and say “I forgive myself and accept myself exactly as I am.” Your words carry tremendous energy and help the healing and forgiveness process. Pain is only triggered by another when there is already pain within you. The more you understand what you are learning from a situation, the more quickly you can forgive and leave it. However, pain is a powerful indicator of growth. I have found when I have trouble forgiving people I try to pretend the next time I talk to them is their last day on earth. True healing and forgiveness involves compassion and love for yourself and others. Releasing resistance and forgiveness are key if you want to attract all that you desire. So put your intention and focus on a fantastic outcome because all possibilities exist in the Quantum Field and what you perceive is what will show up for you. Whatever happened in the past, you have a choice of how you interpret it and remember, it brought you here today. The Universe works fast when you forgive and go and have fun! Namaste.