Some Guy Secretly Edited Pennywise Into His Sister’s Engagement Pics

The only thing more frightening than that scene in ‘It’ where the kids see Pennywise in old photos might be when you spot the creepy clown in your own pics.

Especially when they’re your engagement photos.

BuzzFeed’s Jesse McLaren secretly added Pennywise to his sister’s engagement photos, then shared the images on Twitter. 
There’s no word on her reaction just yet, but you can see the eerie images in his tweet: 
My sister asked me to shoot her engagement pics so I hid Pennywise the Clown in every photo. Countdown until she notices.
Her fiancé is wearing pants from the Gap. She deserves this.
This is the only way to get me to look at wedding photos.
?? I’m such a fan of creepy elements in engagement photos.
Truly terrifying. Cargo shorts in engagement photos.
Love it ?? however…….what music do you want at your funeral ? well worth it ??
This makes me wanna get married. 1st the horror then the misery ?
let’s be honest though the cargo pants are way scarier