The Tamagotchi Is Going Back On Sale In The UK But You’ll Have To Hurry

Before our obsession with social media, taking pictures of ourselves and running through fields catching Pokemon there was only one major concern in our lives: Keeping our Tamagotchi alive.

From the moment we woke up to the moment we slept our lives would be ruled by that familiar high-pitched beeping sound that indicated yet another piece of digital poop required attention.

Well now all of us have the chance to relive those glory days as the Tamagotchi’s maker Bandai has confirmed that it will be going back on sale in the UK.

This is the Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Edition (yes we feel old too), and while it’s 20% smaller than the original it is still at its core, the same experience we remember and love.

it has the same three buttons and the same high-pitched beeping sound (although you can now mute it).

The screen is smaller, but all that means is that there’s less poo to clean up and in our books that’s a big win.

As with the original you’ll need to hatch your pocket-sized digital friend and then keep it fed, clean and happy by tending to its every need.

So when can you get your hands on this adorable little blast from the past? Well the 20th Anniversary edition will reportedly go on sale in the UK in early November for the absolutely outrageous price of just £9.99.

There’s no word on how much stock there is or indeed if it’ll stay on sale for long so to avoid a repeat of Nintendo’s NES stock fiasco we’d probably recommend getting in there early.

When you consider how much a modern-day Furby costs, this is probably the bargain of the century.

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