Ironing Is The Single Dullest Activity On The Planet, So Let This Incredible Machine Do It For You

No matter whether you’re an organised-do-it-all-in-one-sitting ironer, or a last-minute-how-are-there-no-clothes-to-wear-to-work ironer, everyone can agree that ironing is one of the dullest household chores out there.

But unfortunately you can only avoid it for so long. That was, until now.

Now all adults can breathe a collective sigh of relief as two entrepreneurs from north London have built a robot that can do all your ironing for you. Hallelujah.

The ‘Effie’ machine (named after the chemical symbol for iron ‘Fe’) was designed by two 27-year-olds, Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth, who clearly had had enough of wasting their life hunched over an ironing board. 

According to the pair, Effie cuts ironing time by around 95% and will have your clothes ready in three minutes (you’re gonna need a new excuse for being late to work).  

The prototype will work on cotton, polyester, silk, viscose and denim and simply requires you to hang your clothes inside the machine and let it get to work.

More than just a steamer, the machine does actually make contact with each individual piece of clothing – you can put up to 12 pieces in at once – to smooth and remove creases, even if the pieces are still wet from the wash.

In the promotional video (which unfortunately had to feature a woman doing the ironing despite the two creators being male *eye roll*), it also shows you how to load up the ‘scent-compartment-drawer’ which means you can have your clothes smell all fancy.

You can even pop your underwear in there too.

And because it is 2017, Effie is obviously WiFi connected, enabling it to send a notification to an app on your phone when the ironing is done.

And if you’re conscious about electricity bills (isn’t adulting fun) then don’t worry, because the creators say it won’t drain your electricity, using only as much as a domestic hairdryer.

There is one small hitch, your wallet will be £699 worse off, thanks to your laziness. 

But if you’re still not deterred then the full version is expected to be released in spring 2018. 

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