How To Not Be A D**k When You And Your Mate Fancy The Same Person

When Eyal pulled Megan in for a smooch on last night’s episode of ‘Love Island’, there was an audible gasp from living rooms across the UK.

Eyal kissed Megan knowing full well that Alex, who was stood just a few feet away, was also into her.

Needless to say the public were pretty furious about the lack of regard Eyal had for Alex – especially as it’s not the first time he’s done this. 

Since Megan arrived in the villa, both Alex and Eyal have made a beeline for her. And while it seemed that Alex may have been in with a chance, Eyal has seized every opportunity to make his move. In tonight’s episode, there is a recoupling, where Megan will decide which of the two guys she likes.

So what do relationship experts want people to know if you’re caught in a similar love triangle? Relate ambassador Anjula Mutanda says if two people like the same person then the respectful thing to do is to sit down and ask the other person how they would feel about you taking things further.

“Talk to each other first to come to a conclusion about it,” she says. “You need to understand each other’s feelings. If you value the friendship and it means a lot to you then respect it and sit down and have a chat.”

If you don’t communicate and try to go behind the other person’s back, or blatantly kiss the subject of affection in front of them (ahem Eyal), Mutanda says it could lead to an escalation of hostility, which could result in a major fall out. And nobody wants that. 

‘Love Island’ continues on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV2.

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