Candyfloss Cocktails Could Be About To Become Your New Summer Tipple

Instead of having to choose between having dessert or an after dinner drink, you now can have it all, thanks to the candyfloss cocktail.

Combining odd ingredients with liquor – especially the sweet stuff – has been happening since the birth of alcohol and increasingly people are turning to the funfairs of their childhood summers for ideas.

There are two ways to make a candyfloss cocktail. The first is to simply use candyfloss as a garnish. Something fun to tickle your fancy, as served at The Ivy in the Lanes in Brighton, who previously shared their recipe with us.

Candy Floss Magic 


20ml Havana 3-year-old rum

Rose juice



Method: Combine the first three ingredients, shake and strain, top up with Champagne (or Prosecco). Garnish with candy floss on a stick without ice.

But if you really want to embrace your childish side (and you have a super sweet tooth), then you can actually infuse your cocktail with candyfloss.

Follow the instructions in the video below by Tasty, or for the flavour punch without the melt-in-your-mouth texture try Monin Candy Floss Syrup, £10.79 for 70cl, from Amazon.

So, should the candyfloss cocktail be our 2018 summer drink? We’ll let you decide.