Yanny Or Laurel Sound Illusion Has The Internet In Meltdown

Remember the dress? Well prepare yourselves because the internet has found a replacement and it’s already close to causing all-out revolution in offices around the country.

It’s a short audio clip that contains a computer generated voice saying either “yanny” or “laurel”.

The clip, which first appeared on Reddit, has already taken the internet by storm and prompted some pretty heated arguments over Twitter about what people can hear.

Here’s the clip:

Tweeted by Cloe Feldman and found on Reddit as well, it appears to be an Instagram poll and while the true author of this audio devilry is unknown the clip has now spread far further than they probably ever anticipated.

The clip itself is hilariously low in quality which means that as you would expect, it’s actually really difficult to work out what is being said. 

Despite this people have taken sides and Twitter is now awash with friendships being broken and colleagues turning on each other.

Some have even tried to settle the debate with science.

Truly I think we can all agree that whatever is being said, this is the internet at its best.