5 Cute Animals To End The Week: World’s Fluffiest Cats And Vincent The Dog

Friday is here and what better way to celebrate the weekend than with adorable animals? This week we’re celebrating the arrival of the world’s fluffiest cats (read: cat-bear-hybrids) in the UK and the dog who just loves his large Dalmatian pony. Enjoy.

1. The ‘world’s fluffiest cats’ arrived at Chester Zoo.

Four rare felines dubbed the ‘world’s fluffiest cats’ arrived at Chester Zoo this week. The Pallas’s cats, who are brothers, have arrived in the UK from Krakow Zoo in Poland. Tim Rowlands, curator of mammals, said: “Pallas’s cats are incredibly furry. Relative to size, they have the densest and longest fur of any cat species – effectively making them the world’s fluffiest cats.”

2. The Dalmatian who thinks he found a bigger dog.

This Dalmatian is thrilled to have found a mate who looks like him – little does he know that it’s not a big dog, it’s a horse. N’aww.

3. The Bengal nailing Instagram vs Real Life. 

This is Suki, she’s a Bengal cat who goes on adventures to beautiful settings around the world and has more followers than the whole HuffPost team put together. Here she is showing the truths of social media. Preach Suki, preach. 

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4. This dog who just doesn’t want to go inside.

If you don’t have memories of trying to evade your parents so you can stay out late, who even are you? This dog is 100% not ready to come inside yet, so he’s being real stealthy behind the plant pot. Don’t worry, we can’t see you bud.

5. Vincent the Border Terrier enjoying the sunshine.

HuffPost reader Carol Burrows sent over a snap of her adorable pooch Vincent “enjoying the freedom of the local park”. He loves his tennis balls and is 100% a good boy.


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