‘My Eyelashes Hurt’ Mums Reveal The Reasons Their Kids Won’t Sleep

Whether they’re not tired or they can’t find their favourite toy, all parents have heard endless excuses as to why their child just will not go to bed. Among the more reasonable excuses as to why sleep isn’t on the horizon, there are also hilarious ones.

Sarah Turner, a.k.a The Unmumsy Mum, shared some of the comical reasons her boys have given to her for not being asleep when she’s gone to check on them. They included: “There is a slug in my bed” and wanting “a little chat about wrestling”.

Amused by the reasons Turner shared, other mums decided to comment on the post with their kids’ hilarious reasons as to why they weren’t asleep. 

We’ve picked some of our favourite excuses parents shared on the Facebook post. Have your kids said anything brilliant to get out of sleeping? Let us know in the comments below!

“My eyelashes hurt!”

“A fly landed on my willy and woke me up.”

“I can’t go to sleep because she (pointing at her sister) will breathe all my air and I might die.”

“You didn’t cut my nails mummy.”

“My left eye has fallen out.”

“I can hear a baby ant outside.”

“The doll needs a wee.”

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