Donald Trump Angers Scots With Ban On Irn-Bru At Luxury Golf Resort

Having angered world leaders by pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, Donald Trump has now turned his attention to annoying the Scots.

The US President has banned the sale of their iconic drink, Irn-Bru, on the premises of his golf resort in Turnberry because the luminous orange drink is devastating to carpets. 

Iru Bru is not impressed… and neither is anyone else if social media reaction is anything to go by.  

Trump’s resort on the Ayrshire coast recently had a £200m upgrade said to have included hundreds of thousands of pounds of new carpet, something not lost on the staff tasked with keeping it five-star fancy.  

Turnberry’s general manager, Ralph Porciani, told the Ayrshire Post: “We can’t have it staining when to replace the ballroom carpet would be £500,000 alone.

“We have villas here with Irn-Bru stains in the carpets which I can’t let.”

The beverage-ban reportedly came to light after guests at the resort asked for the non-alcoholic drink but were declined it by staff concerned about potential spills. 

The ban comes as the Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard, has pledged to lead protests when Trump visits Scotland as part of his UK visit on 13 July. 

“Someone who holds such misogynist, racist and anti-trade union views not to mention his whole approach to foreign policy, someone who rejects the Paris climate change agreement, should simply not be given the red-carpet treatment,” The Guardian quoted Leonard as saying.

The Scottish Greens leader, Patrick Harvie, has said Trump will be met with “a level of protest not seen since the Iraq war” and Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon has also previously condemned his visit. 

Irn-Bru is often described as Scotland’s “Scotland’s other national drink” and was first produced in 1901 under the name, Iron Brew.