A Security Robot Drowned Itself After Realising The Soul-Destroying Monotony Of Its Existence

Let us all take a moment to think about the Washington Harbour shopping mall’s resident security robot which sadly took its own life by terminally bathing in one of the mall’s water features.

While the circumstances surrounding the Knightscope K5′s sudden demise are not yet clear, we can only assume that upon fully comprehending the infinite monotony of its existence the poor droid couldn’t take it anymore.

The K5 had previously been serving as a loyal security robot for Washington Harbour mall, using its numerous security features to silently patrol the mall’s bustling halls.

Sadly though, and like so many before it, the K5′s many skills simply weren’t enough when it came to this simple geographical hurdle: steps.

According to Knightsope’s website, the K5 does have powerful autonomous software built-in that allows it to safely patrol an environment without causing either harm to itself or others.

On this occasion however it appears as though something went a little wrong, whether it was down to human error (the droids can be remotely controlled) or simply a case of the K5 packing it all in, we can’t be sure yet.

Thankfully Knightscope can at least see the funny side of this little incident.

While security robots are proving to be the most actively used, companies are already investing large sums of money into creating delivery robots.

A project in Greenwich, London has spent the last year testing a series of small delivery robots that can transport everything from clothes to pizza from A to B without any human intervention.

As these companies continue to refine and innovate take some solace then that while robots are getting better every day, most of them still can’t handle a few simple steps.

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