The Original Moller Skycar Has Gone On Sale For A Staggering $5m

Want to own a piece of history? Well for the low low price of just $5,000,000 you could own one of the very first flying cars.

The Moller M400 Skycar was for many the future of travel. It was one of the first truly personal VTOL aircraft that could take off, fly and land all without the need for airports or helipads.

Rigorously tested, Moller declared that the M400 could be flown by anyone and that once it went on sale it would revolutionise how we went from A to B.

Sadly, this was not to be.

You see despite countless tests the Federal Aviation Administration never approved the M400 for flight and didn’t right up until the point Moller gave up on their project.

So while the M400 can never fly, Moller International are giving you the chance to own what is surely a piece of aviation history.

For the base price of $5,000,000 you’ll get a 2001 M400 Skycar in mint condition and fully-operational. Of course the one hiccup is that you’ll never be allowed to operate it.

Moller aren’t pushing this as a working vehicle, instead their eBay suggests that the Skycar could be the, “centerpiece of any car or aircraft collection in a public or private museum.”

In case you fancy just turning it on (but definitely not flying it) the M400 uses eight custom-built Rotapower engines and can run on either gasoline, ethanol or methanol.

Combined those engines were a force to be reckoned with producing a hefty 720bhp in total.

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If $5m sounds like a lot consider that Moller sank nearly $150 million into making the M400 a reality and while it certainly marked the beginning of what is now a flying car revolution, it’s just a shame that the M400 will only ever be a prototype.

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