7 Women Teach Theresa May How To Let Her Hair Down After Seriously Awkward Question

Is there anything as life-affirming as time spent with your female friends? Those occasions where you eat, laugh and maybe have a drink or two. You share stories and memories and all agree that yes, you should definitely do this more often. 

However it goes, most women know exactly how they’d love it to be.

That is, apart from PM Theresa May, who when asked by an ITV reporter, stumbled through an answer: “Well I don’t think that when you let your hair down… I don’t think there’s only one way of doing it. I think it depends on the group you’ve got, I think it depends on the time.” 

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May’s answer was immediately ridiculed online, some said it showed her inability to answer unscripted questions and others thought it showed her ‘lack of personality’. 

To give the PM some ideas, we decided to ask seven women the same question: how would you spend your dream night with your girlfriends?

Emily Hennings, 24, from London, agreed music is an essential part. “My dream night with my best girls would be a room of fairy lights and a party playlist. Sweet potato fries and all the halloumi (and of course as much prosecco as humanly possible). Then an evening of dancing to ‘everybody wants to rule the world’ by Tears for Fears and ‘you can call me Al’ by Paul Simon. The playlist is the most important part after my beautiful friends.”

Emily Hennings (centre) and her friends.

Lydia Glass, 25, from Derby, says: “Having wine and lots of food with the best women I know. We laugh at our drunken escapades, dish out career advice and plan summer activities. They inspire me constantly and are worth every minute of the school night hangover. We’d show Theresa a good time for sure.”

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And Lydia wasn’t the only one who is willing to handle the hangover. Amy Johnson, 26, from London, says: “If I want to let my hair down, my dream night out with my gal pals is a mid-afternoon bottomless brunch (where we eat little food but drink a lot of prosecco) followed by an early evening at happy hour at a nearby bar, where we completely forget it’s actually only 5pm despite how much we’ve had to drink. It usually ends with cocktails, a lot of drinking, and then a slightly inebriated trip to McDonald’s. Dreamy.” 

Amy Johnson (centre). 

Others preferred staying at home, Sophie Buckingham, 18, a student from Leicester, says: “We just go home together – to someone’s parents house – after college and cook dinner and watch a new series on Netflix. It’s just nice to sit and chat after a long day.”

Lolita Bonita, 26, from Manchester, says: “Just in good company with lush food and a great vibes!” 

Lolita Bonita (left). 

Tami Briesies, 26, a mother-of-one, says: “I think my dream night with my girlfriends would absolutely have to be grabbing a nice bottle of wine, throwing on some super comfortable clothes, popping facemasks on and just watching a good film and having a gossip, with a takeaway. I used to really enjoy going out, but now I’m all for a decent meal and a couple of cocktails. I definitely love staying in and chilling out rather than having to deal with the horrible hangover the next day!” 

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And Ella McCaffertey, 32, says: “All my female friends now have children, so we don’t have nights together as often as we’d like. But even getting together on someone’s sofa for a quick cup of tea to laugh with each other is a thing of beauty. I treasure female friends more than ever now I have a baby.”