UK Weather: Met Office Forecasts The Warmest Day Of The Year So Far Is Just Around The Corner

It might be warming up but grab your brollies, because if you’re anywhere south of Birmingham it’s going to rain and it’s going to come down hard.

A band of heavy rain is approaching from the South West, working its way North and East, arriving in London at around 1pm on Friday.

The South East and South Wales will bear the brunt of the downpours, with South Wales expecting 30mm of rain due to fall over the course of six hours.

Temperatures will be a mild 10C in London and the South East and a respectable 7C in Glasgow and across the North, though all of the South of England is in for some persistent rain.

Thundery showers will follow overnight and a new weather front will bring another batch of rain on Saturday morning.

While Scotland will experience quite a wet day, it will be a dry and bright afternoon for much of the rest of the us, with temperatures in London expected to reach 14C – which would make it the mildest day of the year so far.

Manchester can expect the mercury to tip 13C, while Scotland will experience a far brisker 5/6C.

Sunday will be dry at first, with some showers moving across from the South West during the day. South England is in for a wet afternoon with bursts of showery rain, and temperatures holding at 14C in London and driving up to 11C in Scotland.