Theresa May’s Response When Asked How She ‘Lets Her Hair Down’ Is Pretty Awkward

Theresa May has added to the impression she has difficult relationship with ‘fun’ after giving a painful TV interview.

Speaking to the ITV’s Julie Etchingham to mark International Women’s Day, the Prime Minister was asked a series of questions about the Government’s proposed domestic violence legislation.

But a softer tone followed when Etchingham wondered what would be her perfect night if she wanted to “let her hair down” with girlfriends.

Note: the broadcaster infamously extracted from the leader of the Conservative Party that the naughtiest thing she had ever done was run through the fields of wheat as a child.

Her response to the latest inquisition was typically ‘Maybotic’.

“Oh my goodness, what a question,” she began, adding: “Actually I haven’t thought of it because my International Women’s Day is heavily focussed on what we are doing on domestic violence. So it’s not going to have the time to have the girls round and have an evening together I’m afraid.”

Etchingham tried again, suggesting the PM thought about what her “dream moment” would be.

“Well, I don’t think that when you let your hair down there’s only one way of doing it. I think it depends on the group that you’ve got, it depends on the time.

“But as I say, my International Women’s Day is rather more focused not on what we can do to enjoy ourselves but actually on what we can do to help women out there, women who are suffering, women who are being abused and whose lives are being made a daily living hell.”

People couldn’t quite believe she had failed to put away such a softball question. 

Though others had sympathy.

And, yes, many were reminded of those fields of gold. 


Here it is for old time’s sake.