Nick Knowles Responds To Abuse Allegations Made By Wife Jessica Moor

Nick Knowles has hit back at accusations made by his wife Jessica Moor, who claimed he subjected her to “years of intimidation, emotional cruelty, abuse and eventually isolation”.

The ‘DIY SOS’ presenter separated in January 2016, after three years of marriage, with Moor writing on Twitter that she’d been subjected to abusive treatment throughout their relationship, which she claimed to have written about in diaries.

In a post shared on Friday (26 January), she claimed she’d gone public with her allegations after Knowles refused to pay for their son, Eddie, to attend private school, stating: “I was advised by my husband’s solicitor that this promise has been withdrawn.”

<strong>Knowles and Moor pictured prior to their split</strong>

Referring to Knowles as her “soon to be ex-husband”, she explained: “After years of intimidation, emotional cruelty, physical abuse and eventually isolation (that I have kept silent about – of which I have diaries and and images), this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“To add insult to injury – like many men in his position of wealth and power he has advised he will not pay any legal fees meaning that I cannot afford to fight for our son’s education.”

Moor concluded: “Since he was born my sole priority has been Eddie’s wellbeing and I felt my silence was in his best interest but years of abuse and bullying have taken their toll and now I have to fight, which isn’t in my nature, but I’m fighting for my son. What mother wouldn’t?”

Through a spokesperson, Knowles has denied the allegations made by his wife.

His representative told the Sunday Mirror: These allegations are not true but Nick will not be responding publicly in an attempt to minimise the negative impact on his son.”

The two married in 2012, welcoming their son in August 2014. They announced their separation in January 2016, claiming at the time: “It is with sadness that we announce we are separating. Our focus continues to be the happiness of our son Eddie.”