Tube Escalator Stunt Goes Viral After Darts Fan Smashes Groin Against Emergency Button

It is a drunken tale that won’t soon be forgotten, not least because it was caught on film and some 10 million people have already seen it.

Having reportedly necked 10 pints of beer at the darts, Freddie Andrews decided to slide down the metal chute between two escalators, a decision he now says he “regrets”.

Aptly dressed in sporting attire – football kit – the 22-year-old from Tonbridge, Kent, slid onto the chute with some grace, beginning on his hip as though sliding across a car bonnet in an action movie.

Alas, this finesse soon fizzled out.

The momentum flipped Andrews onto his stomach and he collected the emergency button right between the legs with a sterilising thud, much to the amusement of a pre-Christmas crowd of commuters.

As his face contorted into a grimace of discomfort, and no doubt apprehension, Andrews momentarily regained his composure… before hitting the next button with enough speed to shunt him through the air and onto the feet of a commuter on an adjacent escalator.

The Asda worker has since told how he instantly regretted his decision – prompted by “about 10 pints” – but was unable to stop himself once he got on the chute.

“It was faster than I thought it would have been. But as I was sliding I couldn’t stop myself and had no choice.

“I did regret it,” he told the Evening Standard, adding that at the time he did not feel any pain. The next day, however, he “could not move”.

Fuuuuuuuck me that blew up ?? for everyone that’s asking, yeh he’s alright. Few cuts and bruises but he’s all good ?
 Andrews and his friends were on their way home from watching the PDC World Championships at Alexandra Palace when he oped to perform the stunt which he says he wouldn’t “recommend” to anyone else.

Video of Andrews attempt has been viewed online nearly 10 million times.

London Underground has warned people against tempted to use the chute to fastrack their entry into the station.

A spokesman said: “Safety is our top priority and pranks like this are dangerous for not only those involved but also to other customers.

“We have frequent PA announcements reminding customers to be careful when using escalators, and we also run safety campaigns throughout the year to encourage customers to take care whilst traveling on our network.”